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Upgrade steering wheel for VW


Upgrade steering wheel for VW
1.lossless installation
Do not need remove the steering wheel, without dismantling the airbag, don't need hairspring,
wire harness, gateway and other accessories.
Our product is not only easy to install, not to destroy, but also combine perfectly with the
original car,solved the trouble of the car owner.

2. Powerful function
Our multi-function wireless intelligent steering wheel controller has 10M wireless transmission
distance, stronger anti-jamming ability and more stable signal transmission.
With the steering wheel controller, you can navigate to where you want to go, play music,
adjust the volume, and switch the song.
In particular, the function of the network version is more powerful.
Intelligent search, intelligent navigation, phone call, sound control and transceiver chat information,
traffic record monitoring, and even intelligent speech recognition can be carried out.
Multifunction and wonderful operation, improve the driving experience and enjoy the fun of
intelligent driving.